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Welcome to Boolistic, The only search tool you will ever have to use.

With over one billion sites on the Internet it is easy to lose your way. We have developed a simple tool that makes your trip on the Internet easier and more effective.

It's EASY to use!

You simply enter your search terms, and if you need to, refine your search by clicking on the active graphic screen.

You can then search engines or you can select you can favorite search engine by clicking the options link. Click SEARCH and you are on your way.

We are constantly adding new functions that add more, to always give you the best results.




Boolistic Mobile


NiSUS Technologies Corporation has developed a better way to search the Internet using PDA's. Boolistic Mobile makes available to PDA's the vast array of information on the Internet. It provides a simple user interface to assist in the composition of search strings using the AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operators. Such complex queries are then formmatted in the appropriate syntax for various search engines. Results are then formatted and merged for display on the PDA. Boolistic Mobile received a five stars out of five rating from Palm.net . Check out Boolistic Mobile . In a recent task for the Center for Computer Assisted Technology (CCAT) at Fort Meade, Maryland, we enhanced Boolistic to assist users with visual impairments. This enhancement allows users to use voice/sound to search the web through our Boolistic web-search technology. The CCAT have confirmed that NiSUS Technologies Corporation has met Section 508 user requirements with Boolistic.

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