Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. Why are there four different query boxes?

A. The purpose of the four query boxes is to separate uniqe terms. The terms in each box are treated as a pharse insteadof sparate keywords. Two words that are supposed to be found together should be placed in the same query box. Words that aren't necessarily supposed to be found with one immediatelyfollowing the other should be placed in separate query boxs.

Q. How do you use the Venn diagram?

A. The Venn diagram is a visual representation of your search terms which allows you to include and exclude different terms with the click of a button. With two terms, for instance, there will be two circles in the Venn. Selecting the piece of the Venn where the circles meet will result in searching for both terms, whereas selecting a piece of the circle that includes the first term and does not include the second term's circle will result in searching for the first term but ignoring results from the second term.

Q. What makes Boolistic just as good, or better than any of the most popular search engines out there?

A. Boolistic is a much more convenient method of searching because it provides an interface to many popular search engines all in one place. There is also Boolistic's own enginewhich collects results from many sources and ranks the best results. If you would like your favorite engine included please email us at

Q. How are the query results listed?

A. Query results are listed in order from most relevant to least advanced algoithms.




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